So here I was.  Just standing around in my photo here.  I got tired so I decided to sit down!

So here I was sitting, minding my own business, and along comes a thought!

Why not open up a franchise.


OPEN:  Open 24 Hours. 7 days a week.  Open on Holidays.

KISSES:  Peck on the cheek-$.25

General Kisses- $.25

French Kisses-$.25

Long Kisses-$.25

Short kisses-$.25

Kisses of affection-$.25 plus tax

Kisses of friendship-$.25 plus tax

Wet Kisses- Priced daily

Post Card Kisses – Cost of shipping and handling – and color of lipstick – C.O.D. – with perfume – additional charge.

On days ending in “Y” Kisses are free!

*POSITIVELY NO MEN!   Must be 21 years of age with I.D.! Must go through, a metal detector.  Will be, searched, as needed. Credit cards not accepted.  No take out service.  Enter the booth at your own risk.  Positively no-refunds!  A lost and found department will be available for your convenience.

Just another stupid story by Jamie Lee

*MEN – will be waived if they are willing to pay $19.000.00, to defray cost of SRS operation.  First come first served basis……………………


Thank you for your comment - Jamie Lee

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