THE BLACK BEAR DIARIES is one of the most fast, engrossing and easiest reads you will ever experience. There are many self-help books these days, but some of them lose you in the first two chapters – not this one. Once you pick it up, it becomes harder and harder to put down.

I feel privileged to have read it, and privileged to know Lisa Buffington as someone who practices what she preaches.

She has overcome a lot. And, after reading this, I can emotionally experience her journey, and apply it to my life, as can anyone else. It’s like medicine for the soul. It’s not just required reading, but it’s reading you will enjoy the same way you enjoy the sunrise or the chirping birds in the morning. It’s part of the circle of life. The pain, the joy and all of the lessons we learn along the way.

Read this book and those lessons may be easier to spot, and more tolerable to take. You will see them as a necessary part of your journey on this earth. It will teach you how to adapt and survive. How, to find a better habitat. How, to evolve into a new species … how to evolve into a better breed of you. How to become the person you were born to be.

– Sam Borowski
Award-Winning Writer-Director/Producer of “NIGHT CLUB,” – which stars the late Oscar-Winner Ernest Borgnine.

The Black Bear Diaries [Kindle Edition]
Lisa J. Buffington (Author, Photographer), Brianne N. Buffington (Editor)

Lisa J, Buffington was born in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, and spent much of her life searching for her writer’s voice. She has found it, and expresses it well in books such as “The Black Bear Diaries”, and “Reflections of a Forgotten Mistress” which she wrote under the pen name, L.J, Priest. Her first short film, POLLINATION*, made its debut in the Holly Shorts Film Festival in Hollywood, California on August 11, 2012 and features actors such as Federico Castellucio, Bill Sorvino, and Maria Rusolo. More about her movie and screenwriting can be found on her imdb.com web site.