Does Intersex Belong in the LGBT Movement?

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The Crystal Connection, offers support and education for the Intersex Community – I as well as everyone, need to educate ourselves concerning this!  Maybe, if we in the Transgendered Community Stop. look and listen, they could teach us all something.    I,  and my Crystal Connection, will fight to support them,  in their endeavors to be heard and understood !!!!



The article below was written by

By:  Emi Koyama, Intersex Initiative


Should LGBT groups add the “I” (for intersex) to their names, mission statements, etc.? That is the question many people are asking, but there is no simple answer.


There are a couple of reasons for adding the “I” to LGBT. First, intersex bodies are pathologized and erased in a way that is similar to how homosexuality has historically been treated within psychiatry. Even though homosexuality has been officially depathologized for three decades, transgender people are still labeled as having “gender identity disorder” and thus treated as something abnormal rather than a natural human variety. From this point of view, intersex is just another sexual minority that is pathologized and treated as “abnormal.”


Another reason is that the surgical treatment for intersex conditions is heavily motivated by homophobia, transphobia, and misogyny. Western medicine defines “functional” male and female genitalia in terms of its ability to participate in a heterosexual intercourse, rather than how much sexual enjoyment patients can achieve–which is why removing a woman’s clitoris is medically acceptable according to (mostly male and straight) doctors, as long as her vagina is deep enough to be penetrated by a penis.


However, some concerns have been raised among intersex activists about the phenomenon of LGBT groups adopting the “I.”


First, some people fear that adding the “I” would give the wrong impression that all or most intersex people are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/ or transgender. Obviously, some intersex people are, and some aren’t–but when we are dealing with young children and their parents, there is a concern that the association with LGBT would drive away parents of intersex children who would otherwise seek out information and resources about intersex conditions. Worse, the misperception might push parents to demand more surgeries to ease their concern about the child’s future sexuality or gender identity.


Second, there is already a lot of conflation between LGBT and intersex in the society, and constantly being combined with LGBT might prevent intersex from getting its own visibility, or make it hard for intersex people to find intersex-specific resources. For example, if you search for the word “LGBTI” on the internet, most articles that would come up deal with LGBT issues–marriage, discrimination, hate crimes, etc.–with no mention of any issues that actually apply to intersex people.


Similar to this, there is also a concern that adding the “I” would make it appear as if what intersex people need is the same thing that LGBT people need. For example, adding intersex to the non-discrimination ordinance or hate crime law is completely insufficient to address the human rights issues faced by intersex people, but it gives the false impression that intersex people’s rights are protected.


Lastly, the model of organizing is very different. People with intersex conditions generally do not organize around the “identity” or “pride” of being intersex; “intersex” is a useful word to address political and human rights issues, but there is yet to be an intersex “community” or “culture” the way we can talk about LGBT communities (although this may change in the future). In other words, adding the “I” does not necessarily make the organization appear more welcoming to intersex people. For many people, “intersex” is just a condition, or history, or site of horrifying violation that they do not wish to revisit.


If that is the case, what can be said about whether or not to add the “I”? I feel that we should take a pragmatic approach. If adding the “I” would enable you to put your energy and resources onto doing more things that help the intersex movement, then by all means add the “I.” If adding the “I” will help you become a better resource for people with intersex conditions, then do it. You might make some intersex people angry, but at least you are doing something concrete to help end shame, secrecy and isolation that are imposed on intersex children.


But do not think that adding the “I” as an empty gesture is by itself an achievement. Adding “intersex” to an LGBT group must mean a commitment to take concrete actions to address the specific needs of intersex people; anything less is tokenism, or a mere fashion statement, which will not benefit the intersex movement.


Also, remember that you do not need to change your organization’s name in order to help intersex activism: An LGBT organization can and should be working on intersex issues just like it should be working on other social justice issues, such as anti-racism and anti-sexism. What counts is what you do, not how your organization is spelled.




Last night I had a premonition or a inspiration to write this post in Honor of my friends who are fallen, or killed in the line of duty.  I pray it isn’t an omen for me……I and my Crystal Connection, take a moment to dedicate this post to all the Military and Law Enforcement, through out the world, who dedicated their lives, to make it a better place.  

I especially dedicate this post to all the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgendered and Inter-sexed, individuals who serve in Law Enforcement or the Military, and hide who they are to protect the “Rights of  others” DEATH KNOWS NO GENDER”

In the course of my Law Enforcement Career, I have attended approximately 5 funerals of my friends, who were killed in the line of duty!    This post is a Stoic reminder that they are gone but not forgotten!

I am entitled to have “Bag Pipes” played at my funeral !   But that will be the only time I will not hear them, OR WILL I?

In dedication, I will not post anything else today, on the Crystal Connection, in remembrance of my Brother’s and Sister’s!

I AM JAMIE LEE………………………………………………………………………………..

please listen to Bag Pipes, if you have the courage………


The History
of the Bagpipes in the Law Enforcement Service
The tradition of bagpipes played at fire department and police department funerals in the United States goes back over one hundred fifty years. When the Irish and Scottish immigrated to this country, they brought many of their traditions with them. One of these was the bagpipe, often played at Celtic weddings, funerals and ceilis (dances).

It wasn’t until the great potato famine and massive Irish immigration to the East Coast of the United States that the tradition of the bagpipes really took hold in the fire department. In the 1800’s, Irish immigrants faced massive discrimination. Factories and shops had signs reading “NINA” – No Irish Need Apply. The only jobs they could get were the ones no one else wanted – jobs that were dirty, dangerous, or both – firefighters and police officers. It was not an uncommon event to have several firefighters killed at a working fire. The Irish firefighters’ funerals were typical of all Irish funerals – the pipes were played. It was somehow okay for a hardened firefighter to cry at the sound of bagpipes when his dignity would not let him weep for a fallen comrade.

Those who have attended a funeral where bagpipes were played know how haunting and mournful the sound of the pipes can be. The most famous song played at fire and police funerals is Amazing Grace. It wasn’t too long before families and friends of non-Irish firefighters began asking for the bagpipes to be played for fallen heroes. The bagpipes add a special air and dignity to this solemn occasion.

Bagpipe bands represent both fire and police often have more than 60 uniformed playing members. They are also traditionally known as Emerald Societies after Ireland – the Emerald Isle. Many bands wear traditional Scottish dress while others wear the simpler Irish uniform. All members wear the kilt and tunic, whether it is a Scottish clan tartan or Irish single color kilt.

Today, the tradition is universal and not just for the Irish or Scottish. The bagpipes have become a distinguishing feature of a fallen hero’s funeral.

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20 Years


he died in front of me.

My Supervisor in Law Enforcement was shot in our office by a Criminal

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania did not clean up his blood!




Jamie Lee

A narcissistic and habitual ass hole!






POST – OP vs PRE – OP !   This is a term used in the Transssexual community to designate whether or not a Transsexual, has had the Reconstructive Surgery.  (SRS)

You the reader, must understand that there is a difference between GENDER and SEXUALITY!    We as women, know that we are woman, which has been finally proven, and it has been found that we are because of genetics!!

I have always tried to put my own feeling into words in reference to this topic.

The video below explains everything!  I agree to the message, but I don’t condone the use of the language to explain this issue!


Again I wish to explain that when I put a video on my blog, it also adds another one at the bottom which I cannot see.  So I apologize to you until i straighten this out!

Jamie Lee – LGBT Advocate

Jamie Lee – A Butterfly Girl…………………………………….

I wrote the story submitted below on January 1, 2011. Now I am approaching January 1, 2012. I have finally been released from my incarceration and my cocoon. The photo is ME. All I have to do now is let my wings, dry, stand up, and fly! I am Jamie Lee the Butterfly Girl.

I began this Blog approximately 4 ½ weeks ago. Today, I have Nine hundred and Thirty (930) visitors to my Crystal Connection, and soon it will be one thousand (1000). I have had over 20 Countries visit it.

To each and every one of you that have come here, and to the new visitors, I say Thank You, from the bottom of my heart for taking time, in your life to come here. And also to say, Thank You to any new visitors.

Previously my life has been about sadness, UN-acceptance, pain and suffering I have endured. Those days are over. I now will post about my new found life and transition as a Genetic Transsexual Woman. I have finally learned to accept my self! Call it “Two Spirits” or what ever you wish. I call it the birth of Jamie Lee. And it is well over due!

“My formula for greatness in a human being is amor fati: that one wants nothing to be different, not forward, and not backward, not in all eternity. Not merely bear what is necessary, still less conceal it… but love it.”


Life is too short to spend your precious time trying to convince a person who wants to live in gloom and doom otherwise. Give lifting that person your best shot, but don’t hang around long enough for his or her bad attitude to pull you down. Instead, surround yourself with optimistic people.

Celebrate your success and find humor in your failures. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Loosen up and everyone around you will loosen up. Have fun and always show enthusiasm. When all else fails, put on a costume and sing a silly song.

I owe this inspiration and my life, for Infinity. I will go on forever ………………………!

Jamie Lee

January 1, 2011


I am about to face another year of hopes, dreams and aspirations. I will face another year of the trials and tribulations endeavoring, to survive the brutal reality of my own existence and fate, once again. Trying to be free of the constant torment in which I live. The constant fears of life and death! The thoughts that I am some kind of unusual or irregular thing or occurrence, which is considered, to be some type of curiosity and monstrosity! There are some religious theories that death is genderless! If this theory is remotely true, then it strikes the most intense feelings in me of being forlorn and lost in eternity forever. Struggling since birth, for freedom, independence, acceptance & understanding,

And especially the compassion towards, freeing the incarcerated woman within me! I have had many dreams that upon my death, I will be walking through a field of flowers, in a white gown, proudly standing and knowing that I am finally set free, and am the essence of me in my femininity and will be waiting for the people that I love!, knowing that my incarceration is over And the fear! The fear that all this is just a false dream, and there is truly nothing, realizing that life is just an illusion.

Another year of peering at my own worst enemy, the mirror! The object that reminds me how handicapped and ugly I am! But it tantalizes me with the rare occasions of being able to see the divineness and beauty growing within me, only for a second. At those rare and special occasions, I do look and feel beautiful!

Welcome to my world, I am like a Butterfly, though I haven’t been so. There was a time when I had no wings to fly and gravity held me down with fierceness. Life was a constant struggle just to survive! I thought I had found my path, and then a storm would come and set me in someplace completely different, always feeling I was thrown around like a twig. Finally I grew weak and felt the need to wrap myself in a protective cocoon and escape the onslaught of struggle after struggle. Many times I thought I had given up.

I don’t know how long I slept in the darkness of that cocoon, my incarceration, but it seemed a lifetime. One day I woke and knew that I must break out, the walls no longer served to protect me; they simply kept me from stretching out into the fullness of my being. The walls I had surrounded myself with had become more uncomfortable that all the storms I had endured on the outside of my walls. And I found myself struggling harder than ever before, only now to escape those walls I had hid behind with sweet relief. I was stuck in a prison of my own making! I squirmed and struggled, pushed and prodded until one day, one glorious day, I could see daylight through a tiny crack in my wall. This renewed my desire to escape and I worked until I was able to finally pull myself up and out of my cocoon. I was free! The more I stretched in the sunlight, the more I noticed that something was different. I had changed. The more I stretched in the sunlight the more I noticed that I was free! I basked in the glory of it all.

This is the year, to document and rethink things. My joy will not be tied up in circumstances, however, I am going to try to focus on the things that feel right in my heart and not the things that I strove for and failed. It will be a tremendous test of my will & strength. The tougher times are inspiring me to try and make this the best year of my life!

It inspires me to look at and document for the first time, my success, and what I have received and accomplished. And to also to pay honor to all those people which have preserved and stuck by me, constantly encouraging me. And finally the time to recognize the ones that I have hurt!

Too many times my hopes and dreams were turned into a chaotic mess by me! How could I expect others to believe in me when I don’t believe in myself? It is a time to understand the awareness that I have been divinely given, that others, will never experience. To have an understanding of gender and the human condition! Along with the roles and hidden unquestioned, within it!

I must recognize the blessings that I received. I must kneel and be thankful for receiving the very essence of femininity! The ability to finally cry and show emotions, along with the ability to understand & feel the wondrous cycles of my body and soul, along with its changes. Especially, the ability to look at the world in a different manner! The ability to see that I might be a true gift and not damnation!

It is especially the year to be humble and show, my extreme gratitude to my true friends, relatives, family, Doctors, Therapist and people, who have exhausted their energy and hearts, accepting me!, and helping me.

To honor their courage, for having an open mind! Along, with their perseverance to learn, understand & tolerate the true nature of human diversity in its most extreme sense. I want to thank them for having the wisdom, love, compassion & fortitude, in helping me, bloom, succeed, survive & exist, never turning their backs on me once! They truly are my hero’s!!

The end!
And the beginning!



I am honored and proud to announce that I have been part of participating in two major studies,  pertaining to the transgendered Community, specifically Transsexuals.   One , is the study conducted by the University of Michigan, as indicated below.   The other one, was by a Major Health care provider, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in reference to “Health Care, needs in the transgendered community and especially, transsexual health care. I was interviewed for over three hours, citing our health care needs.   I wish to take a moment to thank both of these Agencies, for finally conducting studies, to make our lives better, and endeavoring to finally give us a quality to life.   I have added Dr. Bischof’s, E-mail, if anyone would like to have further information, or contact him.



Jamie Lee,

Thanks so much for contacting me.

I would be interested in speaking with you. I have a study going on right now that is looking at couple issues for trans men and women and their partner. It involves an individual interview (~60min) with each partner, then a couple interview together (~90 min). We are interested in general couple functioning and physical intimacy/sexuality for the couple. I am especially interested in couples such as you and your partner who have been together for a long time–and congrats on that.

I would imagine that your gender identity and your profession in law Enforcement might not have been the easiest to navigate!

I am located in SW Michigan


Jamie Lee

Thanks for sharing your blog.

I am impressed with your efforts to assist others.

I am fine with mentioning me and my university on your blog, and if you wish to share my email address, that is fine too.

Dr. Gary Bischof

Professor, Western Michigan University


Jamie Lee

Transgender Advocate

September 5, 2012