DSM-V: Gender Identity Disorder will no longer include Transgender!


Think Mental Health



The long anticipated DSM-V has been making some potentially controversial decisions as it revises the criteria for diagnosing many mental health disorders –and this latest one is bound to get some people talking. Individuals who self-identify as Transgender (and also gender nonconforming individuals) will no longer be classified as having a mental disorder. Under previous guidelines, diagnosing an individual with a mental disorder because they self-identified as transgender or gender nonconforming opened the door for major discrimination in both the workplace and in their personal lives. However, having such a diagnosis also helped when getting insurance companies to cover expenses for those that were transitioning as transitioning could be termed a “treatment” that was, as the article says “considered medically necessary, rather than cosmetic.”

The DSM-V can diagnose transgender people with “Gender Dysphoria” which is essentially having emotional turmoil and anxiety over your assigned gender. This diagnosis will allow individuals to receive appropriate treatment…

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