One thing I know, from being in the Military and Law Enforcement!   How disheartening it is when we put our lives on the line to protect YOU!   And It is you that ignore us.

The story below was submitted to me yesterday.  We in the GLBT Community, especially the Transgendered Community, need to stand up and support all woman’s issues……………………..

I ask that any one who sees this story submitted below, contact your members of Congress, and     “End the abortion coverage ban for servicewomen and military dependents who become pregnant due to rape or incest” !  NOW

Thank you Leila Abolfazli,  for contacting the Crystal Connection, and asking me to post your story and support this most intense issue.



Dear Jamie,

The United States Senate has heard women –– and I mean unanimously.

After thousands of your fellow Americans contacted their Members of Congress, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the Senate 98–0 with the “Shaheen amendment” included. This amendment would end the ban on abortion coverage for military women who become pregnant due to rape or incest!

This is an important and long overdue step, but the legislative process isn’t over.

Military women need your voice now more than ever. The Senate’s version of the bill must still be combined with the House’s version to produce the final bill the President will sign –– and this important amendment could get stripped out in the coming negotiations.

Contact Congress now to tell the leadership to support the Shaheen amendment in the final NDAA negotiations about to take place.

Tell Congress to stop playing politics with our service women’s health and dignity.

The cruel policy currently on the books forces servicewomen and military dependents to pay the cost of the abortion they need if they become pregnant as the result of rape or incest, unlike their civilian counterparts who also get their health insurance through the federal government.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Leaders in Congress will negotiate a final bill for the President to sign any day now.

As they conduct these final negotiations, your voice should be in their head: Military women make sacrifices for us every day –– now it’s our duty to stand up for them.

End the abortion coverage ban for servicewomen and military dependents who become pregnant due to rape or incest. Contact your Members of Congress now, before the negotiations finish.

We need to act now to ensure Congress allows the brave women risking their lives for our country to make their own decisions.

Thank you for making this personal,

Leila Abolfazli
This Is Personal


Thank you for your comment - Jamie Lee

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