I am having a very intense situation happening today. I can do nothing but await the out come. I truly appreciate Kira Moore’s Closet. She post the most beautiful photos about divine femininity as well as stories. She is a blessing to our Community – Jamie Lee

Kira Moore's Closet



I found myself crying today.


There was no real reason for it, nothing which stood out, nothing I can point to and say; “This is why.” 

Yet, it’s okay. It was just something I needed. 

I do wonder, have I reached a point where I can just let my heart express it self without needing a reason? I hope so. This little thing, something most people wouldn’t notice, has touched me in a way I wouldn’t have expected not so long ago… 

(Sad smile)

For so long I was embarrassed if I shed tears watching an emotional movie or other show. I was careful to hide my reaction to songs or even books. Sort of interesting it doesn’t bother me now… other than getting a runny nose.. (smile)

There is this feeling of freedom which comes with being able to express myself in such small ways. 


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