A ROSE IS A ROSE – By Jamie Lee

So recently, I was at our cabin in Potter County, Pa.  Now you must understand that Potter County has it’s own rules.  It is in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere.   I was there with my son and my cousin, doing some renovations on the cabin, when some good friends began to arrive.


Later that evening, we were sitting around our camp fire, having a few drinks and relaxing.   Rose’s other half  “Dave”  was there with us.  (Notice I didn’t say better half! – you will understand why!  soon) .


There, I was sitting by the Camp Fire, minding my own business, having a good time, and along comes “ROSE” .  She sits down at picnic table, near us, and says, “Jamie Lee, Can you come here, I want to show you something?”  So I walk over to the picnic table and look down.   She then asked me “Who’s nails are prettier?, yours or mine?”


WELL OF COURSE!  Looking down at her painted nails, sitting on top of a loaded gun, I quickly said, “yours are Rose!  They are the most beautiful nails, I have ever seen in my entire life” !   She responded “Thank you” I thought you would like them.


So, to this day I am traumatized, by beautiful nails and a loaded gun! And, making damn sure I always call her, his better half………………. 


JAMIE LEE – 10/2012











4 thoughts on “A ROSE IS A ROSE – By Jamie Lee

  1. Thank you Chris, actually I had fun with that photo. Rose and Dave are true friends. And she did come to me and say Jamie look at my nails. They were truly beautiful.
    And the amazing thing was, she did them by herself………………..Thks for responding. OH by the way, It was me that placed her hands on the gun for the photo.
    Why? Girls just like to have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jamie Lee

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