What is femininity really about!

The following story represents, my Idealized understanding & Fantasy, concerning what & who women were. 

On August 18, 2010, I wrote a story about “Jamie Lee’s Feminine Opinion”   It is my experience, many people in the transgendered Community, as part of their transition, shared the same fantasy, concerning what womanhood truly is.    It is a false fantasy, about the true reality of womanhood.

I have found that communication is different, men,  aren’t interested  in spending time talking about life situations and feelings.

Men cannot understand how women can spend hours on the phone, talking about everything and bounce from topic to topic.

I have learned the  past philosophy of the story below!  I still believe, that women need to nurture them selves which is essential  to nurture, revitalize and regenerate.  To relax and feel known. To regain their self worth, with a sense of beauty and integrity, which can only be gained in the company of other women.   And have we truly lost site? , of the knowledge, and the sense that women should exist, to complement a man’s world.

I feel that women need to compete and succeed in a man’s world to the point which it can be at their own expense of  their feminine nature, intuition, feelings and creativity…………..


“Jamie Lee’s Feminine Opinion”

Women urgently need to find a way home, a way to nurture our essential selves to revitalize and regenerate, and relax, to feel known and understood, recognized and deeply honored, to regain our self worth, our sense of beauty and dignity no matter what age or shape our body’s form might be, to share and to hear and to learn from women’s story, her-story, myths and mysteries, to sing and to weave, to create and to give birth, to laugh and to dance, to grieve and to celebrate, to delight in our bodies sensual feeling nature, to recognize that here are a myriad of facets to the diamond of women’s culture and these jewels can only be gained in the company of other women.

We can start by taking time out on a regular basis to connect deeply with other women.
I don’t mean a coffee and a chat about the kids or even a dinner with a girlfriend about our problems or our love life, although those are good things to do. I mean a space and time set aside (and with intention made sacred) for women to gather and nurture one another with touch, acknowledgment and loving reflection. A time for body oriented expression, dancing, massage, sensuality, rage and delight. In a place, where it is, OK to be exactly, who we are.

“I have been with you since the beginning, and I will be with you at the end. I am part of you and you are part of me. Allow me to honor you. Allow me to return.”

Are we missing a huge and vital portion?

Are we missing the fact that we have lost all sight, all knowledge and even the sense that there should exist a women’s world to complement this man’s world?

Women today often find that to ‘compete’ and ‘succeed’, they have to act like men. This can be at the expense of their feminine nature, at the expense of their intuition, their feelings and their creativity.

 Jamie Lee     8/18/2010

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