Real Enthusiasm Is A Treasured Gift – By: Jamie Lee

Real enthusiasm is a treasured gift. It spreads itself like sunshine, and keeps the mind equable in the toughest times. Being enthusiastic affects those around us. A positive approach is infectious. And just being near enthusiastic people can help others prevail, to aspire and to take whatever action is needed to accomplish.

Setbacks or limitations do not establish what our lives become nearly as much as do the thoughts that govern our minds. Our attitude towards difficulties is an important factor in controlling and mastering them. Therefore, lets get our mind going in the right direction..

We draw what we think. Let’s choose to think something constructive, staying filled of unwavering hope and joyful expectations. Every obstacle we encounter can be means for greater achievement. Trials can be beneficial: they purify us, refine and mold our character. No person can become strong with out a struggle. Never give up, keep it going, upbeat attitude, and look ahead to fresh new opportunities and new adventures. And becoming infused with enthusiasm and motivation, over time, discouragements lessen and we can develop a new sense of control over difficulties.

We will always have letdowns or frustrations, but we must never let it get the best of us. Maybe we are down, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay down.

Refuse to equate failure with low self-worth or give up your dreams because of temporary defeat. Do not be hampered by negative thoughts of inadequacy. Don’t indulge in self-pity over past mistakes. Instead, welcome challenges with optimism and without fear. And when the struggles do arise, try to look at the positive side.

We are what we are today because of what we believed in yesterday. And tomorrow we will be what we believe in right now. Lets see ourselves succeeding and envision ourselves health and strong.

When we encounter stressful situations, when we are impatient, remain calm. All things transpire, at it’s own pace. No set-back is final. Failures are not permanent. Just because desires have not happened yet, doesn’t mean that they won’t.

Transition is transition, let it occur. Let it flow, and experience the wonderful feeling that comes with every new thought or feeling. Toss out labels. Be yourself and change for the positive in your cocoons, so when you finally emerge. You will be that beautiful butterfly!

Jamie Lee


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