You Told Me, Mum                                                                                                                            
You told me

Don’t go into that world
where bad things are.

You told me

This world will hurt you.
No one will understand you.

You told me

This world
will never know your value,

You told me

Don’t expect things
which cannot be yours. Do not
compare yourself with others.
Don’t change yourself
because of anyone.

You told me

No one can read the book
of your heart.
Don’t tell anyone.

You told me this lie
to make me strong.

Don’t believe the beautiful bloom.
It only lasts a moment.
The wind will destroy it and you.

You held my hand, Mum,
when I put my first step into this earth.

You told me to find answers
from my experience.

You told me

One day
all your mistakes will become
your success.

You told me to face problems

Never be afraid to tell the truth.

You told me to make this journey
by working hard.

You told me
I was the one
who could make my life or destroy it.

You held my hand, Mum,
when you told me

If you have ambition
you will achieve anything you want.
Life is a story—
Write it.

You told me
that no one can know
how it will be,
when it will end.

Mum, you told me
you would be with me forever.

I need you now.
Where are you, Mum?
I can’t see anything
but the dust on your grave.

By Shogofa

April 9, 2010



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