Work on Oneself

Digging Deep into the Inner Being

We would like to say to any person who stops along the path that he has the right to take a break because the transformation is sometimes difficult and painful, because it requires an enormous amount of letting go, of comprehension and acceptance.
You can catch your breath on the side of the road and once you are rested, you can continue along the path. It is of little importance if it is not exactly the path you abandoned, because it is obligatory that another path open up before you.
We would also like to say that you must absolutely not have a feeling of guilt because each human being advances based on who he really is. Some beings advance much more rapidly because their soul has experimented much and, therefore, they understand much faster what is required of them and also what their soul is asking of them. Other beings whose soul has experimented less on the level of multiple incarnations need a little longer to understand and become aware of who they are.
Each of you is advancing and will advance more and more; those who have stopped along the side of the road may be able to advance faster than those who have not left it, because they have a sincere desire to make up for, as they think, lost time, even though there is no lost time. Everything comes in its own time; human beings have all the time in the world to evolve. They have this existence and they have eternity.
We ask you the following for this evolving path: go at your own pace. Do not force the rhythm and make sure that nothing is too heavy on this path of evolution. That is the only way that you can do good work; work done with a sense of guilt, with regret for not having advanced faster is not good work. Work done with the understanding of who you are, in the Love that you put into your transformation, work done by listening to your soul and in total awareness of what you must rectify within you is totally positive work.
New tools will be given to humanity, tools that will awaken certain parts of their consciousness, as if all of a sudden some veils were torn. If human beings have not prepared themselves, if they have not prepared the terrain, this opening will be painful for them because there will be too much Light or Love that they will not be able to contain. It is because of this that, month after month, year after year, we are close to you in order to prepare the terrain together, you on your side and us with all that we can do through our messages and teaching.
The more the terrain is cultivated, the more it is prepared, the more great changes will take place within you with greater ease. Those who have not prepared this terrain, who have not worked on their own inner being, will have many more difficulties living through these transformations.
We are not saying however that they will not experience these transformations because they may advance faster than those who have prepared the terrain if they have enough willpower to catch up, (we are not saying ‘lost time’ because there is never any lost time, there is only all that happens when the moment has come, there is only all that is just and which you must integrate).
It is important that everyone work on his own terrain, dig deep into his inner self and remove all that is no longer necessary, weed his garden. What are the weeds for humans? The most important of the weeds is fear that manifests itself so often; sometimes you are not even aware of it.
When fears present themselves to you, welcome them, but most of all, do not give any energies to these fears. Welcome them and you will see them disappear.
There is also the underestimation of yourself, the lack of Love for yourself and hang-ups that you may have in relation to some illusory deficiencies, because any deficiency can transform itself into a positive energy, into an energy of transformation.
These are the weeds that must be removed.
Each of you will become more and more aware of what needs to be transformed within and this will go very quickly. You will see to what extent you will be glad to experience this transformation. You will not need to say that you are transforming. Those around you, who love you, will see this transformation, and this will encourage them because if you succeed, they will say: ‘I, too, can succeed’.
The help that the planet Earth and all life in this world will receive will be considerable, beyond anything that humans can imagine. Besides, they cannot imagine much, they can only imagine based on their knowledge, based on their parameters, but they cannot yet imagine what is not yet impregnated in them, they cannot imagine the reality of tomorrow.
We, we can tell you that this reality will be in its strength, in its grandeur, and in its depth.”
They are telling me:
“We would like to speak to you about letting go.
The more you advance, the more you will let go within the consciousness of Love. You will truly know what letting go means. True letting go takes place in the total acceptance of any situation that presents itself to you, whether it be emotional, relational, or concerning your health.
Letting go and acceptance are two keys that are so important for your evolution. Here, again, you cannot force anything. Everything happens at the right moment.
You will learn much faster once certain veils have been removed. For the moment, you are still a little in the old world. Tomorrow, the new world will present itself to you with all of its splendors.
Of course, it will be much easier for you to live in the new world that is promised you, because in this new world there will be no more duality, no more rushing ahead, and there will no longer be a dominating ego. There will be a human being who will be sublimated, who will have understood that his true reality is divine, that he has within him a particle of the Source, that he is truly a child of God the Father-Mother.
For the moment, you are aware of this but you have not yet totally integrated it into your humanity. Tomorrow, you will no longer pose yourself any questions; you will act because your human brothers will need you, just as we will need you. We will need you because you are our extension in matter, you can accomplish on this plane what we cannot accomplish.
To accomplish this important mission, know that we will be near you. You will feel us, you will perceive us, because between now and the end of the year many veils will have been removed from many humans. Human beings will become much more receptive. Another sensitivity will manifest itself in them. There will not be squeamishness but sensitivity to this new period, to this new state of being, to the new functioning needed. They will have a new sensitivity to all the energies that human beings will integrate with great ease.
The human being will take on his real dimension, not only his spiritual dimension but also his divine dimension.
All those who travel this path with sincerity have only one desire: to acquire this spiritual and divine dimension. Once again, they must absolutely give themselves the means; they must absolutely dig deep again and again into their inner self. This will happen much easier than you suppose, because the biggest work has already been done. The wild weeds have been removed, now it remains to remove the deep roots of certain grasses.
Know, Children of the Earth, that to accomplish this work you have a very important aid from the Universe. What we are asking you is essentially to be aware that you are not just a human being, that you are a soul, that you are a particle of the Father-Mother. What we are asking you is to be in unity with the human, the spiritual and the divine.
If you are in total acceptance of what you are becoming, that is to say a complete being, your evolution will take place with an extraordinary rapidity and you can accomplish upon yourself and around you, miracle after miracle.
Besides, we would like to say that the miracle does not exist. For you the miracle is what you do not know and what surprises you. You do not know the power of your own divinity. When one of you accomplishes a miracle on someone’s health or on something else, you have a profound admiration for that person, whereas he has simply acted in correlation with his divine part and with God the Father-Mother or with the forces of Universal Love.
This can happen very rapidly once you have the confidence and the faith in who you really are. We, we are there to repeat again and again in order for the tree of Love to plunge its roots deep within your humanity, so that the tree of Knowledge of the Divine Part that is in you can bear its marvelous fruits.
They are telling me:
“You humans believe that life is complicated. We would like to tell you that you complicate it very often when in fact it is very simple. You complicate life because you do not succeed in loving as you should love, because you do not succeed in understanding when it is your ego or your intellect that makes you act in such or such a way.
Little by little, you will truly understand what action you must accomplish to really bring yourself into unity with the human, the soul, and the divine. It is the trinity, and this trinity must become unity.”

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