Zion Lutheran Church Event – September 9, 2012 – GLBT

I am proud announcing, that the GLBT event, held at the Zion Lutheran Church, Flourtown, Pa. turned out to be a huge success, on September 9, 2012. 

The Congregation was made of individuals from the GLBT Community, however, was also represented by members of the Church Council, as well as members of the public.

This was the first time a Church of generic nature, opened their door to the GLBT Community.

I would like to take a moment to personally thank Reverend Marcia Thompson for her fortitude and compassionate courage, to stage this event.

I was also honored to meet a special personality, who attended on our honor.  She was DIVA, DIVA, DIVA the puppet.  Her name was Penelope. 

I had the extreme privilege of interviewing Penelope during the service.  This was the content of that interview:


Jamie Lee:    Hello Penelope, I’m glad you are here today.

Penelope:     Of course, this is an important Sunday, so of course the most important           

                         Puppet has to be here.

 Jamie Lee:    What makes you think you are the most important Puppet?

 Penelope:      I am Penelope!  I am the Diva Puppet, the first, the foremost, the most

                           Beautiful and the most articulate!

Jamie Lee:     Most humble.

Penelope:       That too.

Jamie Lee:      So, Penelope, since you are here, let me share with you! That today,

                             we, are going to learn about Grace.

 Penelope:        I never liked Grace!

Jamie Lee:      Not Grace a person, but grace what God gives us.

Penelope:        God gives us grace, what does that mean?

Jamie Lee:      Today that is what we are going to learn.

Penelope:        I can’t wait, I want to know now!

Jamie Lee:      Okay, grace is kind of like God’s love.

Penelope:        I don’t need love, because everyone loves me.

Jamie Lee:      Okay, then, But God’s love is special.

Penelope:        Jamie what makes it special?

Jamie Lee:      It’s something we need to be whole.

Penelope:        I am already whole!  So there!


Jamie Lee:       Penelope!  I am talking about your heart.

Penelope:         I’ve been told that I am heartless.

 Jamie Lee:       Nobody is heartless, Penelope.

 Penelope:         I didn’t think so!  I could hear it beating.

Jamie Lee:      There you go, but your heart is not just that beating inside, it’s kind of       

                             Like the center of who you are!  I know that is complicated, for a two

                             year old, Penelope.

 Penelope:       I am a two year old with a high IQ.

Jamie Lee:     Well, that’s good to know.  Just know this, that God loves us so very



Penelope:       I know, I am easy to love!

Jamie Lee:     Well, all of us are not that fortunate.  Some of us actually want God to

                           Show us we are loved!

 Penelope:       WELL, Again, I’m special!

Jamie Lee:     Okay, special one, go and have fun now!



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