The Complicated Life of Jamie Lee……..

So here is was, just driving down a road in Pennsylvania, going to my son’s house, just minding my own business, when I missed the turn,

 I drove down the road to turn around and I saw a family pet in their back yard.

 Now you must understand that my life is complicated enough, and I don’t go looking for any more drama. 

 So I see this camel.  I think that maybe I died and was reincarnated as Omar the Tent Maker.  I look for an oasis, there is none!  I look for sand, nope none!  I check myself to see if maybe this is a mirage!  Can’t be, that lucky.  It is there.

 So I say finally to myself:  “Self, what the hell is a camel doing in Pennsylvania as someone pet?”   I didn’t get an answer, so I stopped, took a photo of it, to prove that I wasn’t going crazy.

 As I was driving back, I couldn’t help but wonder of I was going to see a pyramid!

Hmmmmmm!   I wonder how much gas they use to ride them.   Maybe it would be cost effective.


Story written:  September, 14, 2012


By: Jamie Lee  


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