The following are the individuals under the Transgendered Umbrella, separately unique and seperately labeled!

TRANSSEXUAL: This is an individual, who feels that they were born, in the wrong body at birth! MTF- Male to Female – FTM- Female to Male

PRE-OP: This is a Transsexual before the SRS-Sexual Reconstructive Surgery.
POST-OP: This is a transsexual after the SRS-Sexual Reconstructive Surgery.

Scientific facts, currently view trans-sexuality, as caused by genetics. We used to be referred to, as Transsexual Women. And real women were referred to as Genetic Females. Now, because of science, Transsexual women can be referred to as Genetic females, and Genetic Women (As previously defined) are now referred to as Natal Women.

CROSS DRESSER: This is an individual who wears the cloths of the opposite gender and may not do it again for many months.

DRAG QUEEN: This is usually an individual in the Gay Community, who puts on women’s cloths, dresses flamboyant, and puts on shows.

I welcome, comments and opinions. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

JamieLee – Transgender Advocate

Thank you for your comment - Jamie Lee

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