Law Enforcement-Agent & Supervisor

Private Detective

U.S. ARMY  Sgt. E-5

  • Surveillance
  • Search and Seizure
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing and Counseling
  • Cultural Awareness Trained
  • Domestic Violence, Recognition, Training, and Counseling & Supervision
  • Sex Offender Recognition, Supervision, Surveillance, Training, Counseling & Supervision
  • Megan’s Law Training
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Court Testifying
  • Terrorism Awareness (Trainer)
  • Drug Recognition
  • Interview Techniques
  • Confiscation, Storage, and Reports
  • Digital Photography
  • Fingerprints
  • Employment Counseling
  • Background Investigations
  • Fugitive Apprehension
    • Outlaw Motorcycle Club Training, Supervision, and Experience
    • Chain of Custody Training
    • Prison Transportation
    • Mental Health Supervision, Counseling, and Arrest
    • Pressure Point Control, Use of Force, Mace, Kubaton, Speed Cuffing, Advanced Arrest Procedures,
    • Close contact- self protection

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