I have a friend, who is a Transsexual Mannequin in a local Boscov’s store.  One day she told me what her life was about.  She said this:

Jamie it isn’t bad! being a mannequin, just think about it.  All I do for eight hours is standing here looking beautiful!  Approximately every two weeks, another woman dresses me in the newest and nicest cloths.  Yes, on occasion I am naked, and sometimes I am dressed in the most beautiful night gowns and pajamas,

She told me that people walk past her, sometimes they touch.   Sometimes they just stand there and stare, waiting to see her move.  How many of you have done this.

No one ever says anything nasty about her.  They either walk past or they stop and admire what they see.   The only bad part is when the cloths she is wearing runs out on the shelves,  and someone says, well,  I’ll take the cloths on that mannequin.  How embarrassing is that?    Right in front of all those people!

She never feels pain, she never has heartbreak and she never gets hungry!

She just stands there and waits!  She waits for the exact time that the store closes.  She gets down off of her pedestal, and roams the women’s section trying on all the cloths.  And I mean all of them.  On occasions she takes the elevator up to the Sporting Goods Department, and goes on vacation.  She sometimes goes through the make-department!

She never, never! Goes into to the Men’s Department; and she always walks around it to avoid it.  She is afraid of being attacked or raped, she heard, that all the male mannequins do is just stand there and wait for a female mannequin to make the mistake and enter, and how could she explain it, when the store opened the next day!

She has to remember exactly when the store opens.  She must make sure that she is not late, when she returns to her pedestal and stands there again waiting for the next night.

So she can become alive again.

She cautioned me, that, if I wanted a job like hers I must make damn sure that I don’t make the critical mistake and work for a store that is open 24 hours a day!

Lastly, she told me that she put in an application for another position at Boscov’s as “People Greeter” And is waiting for a response.   And she has, all the time in the world to just stand around and wait for their response.

The End

Another stupid story by:

Jamie Lee


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