The People We Invite into our Lives

Sometimes as we make our way through the pitfalls and dark places of this journey, crossing the ocean of dregs that supposedly comprise “society”, we forget some things that should be more important to us than anything else; the people who help hold us up when we have fallen so low that we lose sight of our own path.

Often, once we have found our footing again, there are so many more roadblocks and unfathomable depths of darkness that we fail to look at those who are standing at our side and say a simple “thank you”.

We fail to remember that, for many of them, they are struggling with their own darkness and mist shrouded pathways, narrowly lined with venomous thorns clawing and scratching at their exposed flesh, almost too eager to rip them open and make them fall in turn.

I have seen many of my sisters help one another, only to later turn on each other, each fighting their own sorrow while lashing out at those they should be embracing.

It breaks my heart to watch our community so often turn on itself. I have found myself leaving groups founded on the principles of loving and helping each other through this pain and growth because of these things. I cannot bear to watch my sisters hurt themselves, and each other.

I do want all of them…all of you…to know that just because I have left the groups does not mean I do not still love and thank each and every one of you. I do, more and more. My heart goes out to each of you for many different reasons, and many reasons in common. When I watch my girls struggle with lack of love in their lives, it hurts me even more.

These are not the times in which we should be turning on one another, no matter how much our own personal struggles fight for control of our words and actions.

These times…the harrowing nightmare and euphoric dream of HRT and RLE…are the times we need to embrace each other the most. These are the times that when we dare to expose our hearts, we need to follow through.

For my sisters who have sought comfort, love, and carnal satisfaction from each other rather than trusting to those who do not live our struggles, be kind to each other. Remember that though you have been hurt, so has she…and do not cause yourself and her more pain in order to shield yourself from possible further hurt. You are only setting each other up for more heartbreak in the end.

Love one another as I love you. Care for one another as I care for each of you.


One thought on “LOVE & UNDERSTANDING

  1. Very touching post my dear friend,never forget where I am when you want the love and comfort of a warm and loving friend.

Thank you for your comment - Jamie Lee

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