You want to look into my eyes? You want to see into the door way of my soul? You want to see the evil, the darkness, the hurt, pain and suffering that I have endured? You want to see the reflection of infinity? You want to see the woman who has been incarcerated all these years? Can you, will you, is it possible anymore to release me? Has the Abyss possessed me? Does my heart truly have a memory?

Will I have the courage to finally squeeze the trigger to the bottom of the guard the next time?

Am I a woman, a man or both. Am I a damnation, a freak, a submissive, a coward or am I just about self pity?

What was my purpose to be born? What is it that I am supposed to learn in life, or will my realization be only in death?

Why should I let anyone know me, love me, or understand me, when I don’t love myself? Is life just an illusion?

Why was I born a woman in this shell, struggling like a Butterfly to break out of it’s cocoon, and knowing that the walls are to strong, to allow me to emerge and fly freely !!!!! Knowing that all my energy to become a complete woman has failed and I shall perish in my own incarceration! Is our Creator a female?

WHY SHOULD I LET YOU……………………………………..?

i have seen too much

Jamie Lee


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