In my research find out why? I was born the way that I am, it made me reflect again on the possibility of two sprits in one body, in their heart begging for answers.
Some feel the two spirit identity may be explained as a “form of social failure, women-men are seen as individuals who are not in a position to adapt themselves to the masculine role prescribed by their culture”
Cross dressing of two-spirit people was not always an indicator of cross acting (taking on other gender roles and social status within the tribe). Lang explains “the mere fact that a male wears women’s clothing does not say something about his role behavior, his gender status, or even his choice of partner…” Often within tribes, a child’s gender was decided by depending on their inclination toward either masculine or feminine activities, or their intersex status. Around puberty clothing choices were made to physically display their gender choice.

Two-spirit people, specifically male-bodied (biologically male, gender female), could go to war and have access to male activities such as sweat lodges. However, they also took on female roles such as cooking and other domestic responsibilities. Today’s societal standards look down upon feminine males, and this perception of that identity has trickled into Native society.

In human, medical terms though, there is a condition which is also called chimerism which is perhaps one of the most bizarre abnormalities which can occur to otherwise normal, unborn human beings.

It is maybe difficult enough to live one life in one lifetime in this confused world. Imagine, if you are able, living two lives in one lifetime within your one body.

The life of a human chimera begins as fraternal twins, siblings which have developed from two normal egg cells fertilized by two normal sperm.

At a point early in the development of the twins, in the zygote stage, one twin begins to absorb the body of the second twin. This does not result in the destruction of the absorbed twin, as one might expect, but results in two people becoming one body.

There is a very high probability that a human chimera will never be diagnosed as such unless The strangest of all instances of chimerism is where the twins are of opposite sexes. This can result in the rare condition of true hermaphrodism. It is possible for either sex to manifest physically in the outward appearance, or both.

The internal organs are often split between the two, and the condition is likely to be unknown if the outward physicality appears to be all one sex, unless there is a cause to investigate internally – such as surgically intervening to bring down what would be expected to be an undescended male reproductive gland, only to find a female counterpart and a remnant of a partial uterus.

It is possible for mixed gender chimeras to be fully fertile as one or the other sex, in spite of having the partial anatomy of the opposite sex.

In recorded cases of Chimerism there have been instances of women giving birth to children who were genetically not their own, but upon further investigation were found to be the children of a sibling (the absorbed second twin) due to the reproductive organs of the “mother” actually belonging to her twin sister.

There is a reason to do genetic testing on more than one part of the body.

Most believers would agree that the spirit of a child is imparted to them in conception. As soon as the egg becomes fertilized by a sperm and the cell division begins, there is a spirit present in that tiny, undeveloped potential body.

If then a spirit is present at the moment of conception, it must also be present at the point when two fraternal twins become fused into one anatomy in the instance of chimerism.

There is no reason to assume that one of the two spirits would depart as if one twin had died, because it has not died. Both twins remain equally alive, but simply joined.

It is reasonable to conclude that chimeras literally are two people who have two spirits within the space of one body, though genetically occupying different parts of it.

One might assume that this would create a situation in which two streams of thought were battling in one body, and to some extent this might be actually true.

Chimeras, though rarely detected, have been known to be diagnosed with disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Those diagnoses though, are only superficial observation of symptoms, they do not reflect a cause – and science being what it is, it is not approved to suggest that, instead of a disorder, they simply have two spiritual consciousness working in one brain.

It is then, maybe another obvious question to be answered as to what might become of two spirits in one body after death. Is it possible for one spirit to become saved and the other not? Perhaps it is possible.

One might seek diligently to follow Him and yet there are moments of repulsion to that seeking. Each train of thought remaining mysterious to the other as the chimera might not understand that these ideas do not all originate in one spirit. It would be possible then, that one spirit is redeemed and enters into eternal life while the other perishes.

Two redeemed spirits in one body, of course, would have a future to look forward to in which they would finally be resurrected to enjoy individual, unique and incorruptible bodies of their own and finally get to greet their sibling face to face whom they had only ever seen in the mirror.

Perhaps this can be true for some people two spirits within one body, like twin flames, also called twin souls, are literally the other half of our soul. We each have only one twin, and generally after being split the two went their separate ways, incarnating over and over to gather human experience before coming back together.

Now what if for whatever reason these two twin souls haven’t separated, wouldn’t you then have two souls in one body?

Mixed gender roles are part of the Native American traditions, with documented stories of ‘two-spirits’ found in dozens of tribes and every region of North America and native cultures. The term ‘Two-Spirits’ can be used abstractly, to indicate ‘contrasting human spirits’ or identify someone who embodies both masculine and feminine spirits within one body.

For the sake of clarification – I’m not an expert, only an intrigued student of life – one could think of women like me who are born and identify as female (female-female), men born and identify as male (male-male), women born female with strong masculine traits (masculine-female), and men born male with strong female traits (feminine-male). This is an example of a four-gender system, though through my reading I’ve come across many suggested classifications that have as many as nine genders.

One example is traditional Navajo culture. It describes five, the four above and an additional classification reserved for those labeled (inaccurately so) as ‘hermaphrodites,’ now also known as ambiguous genitalia.

Individuals born with ambiguous genitalia have external genitalia that don’t appear either male or female, genitals that aren’t well-formed, external organs don’t match the internal, or have characteristics of both sexes. Though rare, it’s consistent among humans and other species, suggesting to me at least that it’s more than a biological accident. I’m not one to argue with nature, and what interests me more is the focus away from the sexy bits and into the realm of spiritual experiences of gender.

What would happen if we embraced a Two-Spirited gender system in the mainstream social milieu? What if we understood that most people are comfortable on the outer edges of the male-female continuum, but many were just as naturally suited to love and play in the two-spirited realm?

Deborah Anapol, a long time advocate for expanding our views on sexual love, believes Queer Theory is mistaken when they assert that gender isn’t a useful concept. “The harm comes from focusing exclusively on polarities and valuing one polarity over another,” she explains, “rather than valuing the integration or transcendence of duality.” Basic polarities exist in nature. Male and female are part of the yin-yang and she believes that place patriarchy goes wrong is when the male is elevated over the female.

“Even though what is considered male and what is considered female is pretty arbitrary,” Anapol’s research into the topic suggests that indigenous cultures honor the different gender identities including androgyny. She also makes the rare distinction between harmony and balance of the genders.

“Balance has to do with quantities of different qualities,” she explains. “Harmony has to do with whether they work together synergistically or whether they are in conflict.” Thus, if we are seeking greater integration and harmony between males and females and everyone else, a minimum of four genders is more useful than our current binary system.

On matters of gender, sexuality and spirituality, it comes down to this for me: Some are born male and identify as such, some are born female and identify as such, and many are born queer-like and identify their own way too.

The idea of “Two-Spirits” suggests a deeper wisdom and compassion for what it means to be human, sexually and spiritually so. How our desires pulse is bigger than biology or the mind, neurochemicals and hormones, personal sexual experiences, aches and pleasures. Something grand, the Divine Architect of it all, must have known exactly what she was doing. To think gender fluidity is not part of the divine plan may really be a man-made fear, and “modern” at that.

Are these two spirits within one body constantly at battle with each other? Could it be that we as transsexuals or two spirits, are always seeking wisdom and knowledge how to be one? Could it be a divine plan from a higher entity? Is it that the male and female spirits within us, are fighting to take control.

All I do know is that the turmoil within my self and my own heart is begging for release and understanding. Will we ever get the answers? Will we only have the answers when we die? Are we truly living in a dark world?

And I do know that it hurts every day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Lee

A transsexual woman, a genetic woman, a two spirited individual or just plain crazy.


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