Join Me!

I will live my life

I am no perverted creature of the dark!
Lurking in the shadows!

In search of vulnerable ones to prey on!

I am not possessed by some terrible demon shouting obscenities and foaming at the mouth, in a sex crazed frenzy!

I do not stay up at night thinking of gross horrible things to do to people, especially children!

I am not a freak or an abomination, someone to be laughed at, while walking down the street, or joked about over dinner, or made fun of by a comedian.

I am not from some other planet, and am definitely not living in some fantasy world!
My life is very, very real!

My reality is as valid and honorable as anyone’s.

I will not sell my soul to this culture to be accepted. I will not think what you want me to think. I will not speak and feel how you want me to. I will not live according to your expectations of how I am!

No more! I will be who I am, truly and simply. I will live my life being the self I know me to be, I feel me to be!

And, I will stand tall, little smile and all, and proclaim to the World!

Hi, I am Jamie Lee, Pleasure to meet you!

I am she and she is me……………………………………………….


Thank you for your comment - Jamie Lee

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